Refreshing network technology is no longer sufficient. Get our special report on how agencies need to be thinking about network transformation and innovation.

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Partnering to provide mission critical network solutions to government agencies. Learn more about how CenturyLink and Ciena address networks of the future, cloud and cybersecurity.

Managed Solutions Help Agencies to Transform and Secure their Networks

CenturyLink’s Tim Meehan and John Cassidy discuss how managed solutions can help agencies transform their networks and improve security and how the network a strategic asset to government agencies.

The Importance of the Network in Migrating your Applications to the Cloud

CenturyLink’s Tim Meehan and Mike Mueller discuss the role the network plays in an agency’s efforts to migrate applications to the cloud and how to navigate the Hybrid IT landscape to reduce strain on internal government resources.

Taking an Enterprise Approach to Federal IT Services: Excellence Starts with the Network

With agencies evolving their legacy IT networks, they need to seek providers that offer carrier class connectivity to meet growing computing demands. CenturyLink discusses considerations that agencies would make in transitioning away from legacy IT networks.

Securing Managed Services - Government Grade Networks

Ciena’s Dave Peed discusses a holistic approach to Cybersecurity and what it means to create "government grade networks" and "Strategic Mission Networks. In this interview, David answers the following questions:

  • What is Ciena’s holistic approach to cybersecurity?
  • What is meant by ‘Government Grade Networks’ and ‘Strategic Mission Networks’?
  • How do you create an open, mission-focused network that is still secure?

Secure the Network: How Intelligent Networks will Transform Cyber Defense

Steve Alexander talks about intelligent networks, how they will transform cyber defense and where software defined networking comes into play for improving security. Steve answers the following questions:

  • How will intelligent networks transform cyber defense?
  • Where does software defined networking (SDN) come into play in terms of improving security?
  • What will networks of the future look like and how will they be managed and secured?

Software Defined Networks & Network Function Virtualization - Networks of the Future

Ciena’s Steve Alexander defines network function virtualization and discusses why it’s important and how will it change how agencies manage end-point appliances. Steve answers the following questions:

  • What is network function virtualization (NFV)?
  • Why is it important and how will it change how agencies manage end-point appliances?
  • How will NFV improve how agencies do their day-to-day work?

Protecting Against Breaches

Recommendations from industry for securing the network.


Cybersecurity is an ever-moving target, but trust between government and industry helps drive innovation.


Learn what discriminators are key for agencies trying to select the right provider in the cloud services market.

Public, Private, Hybrid Cloud Services

How do agencies choose to adopt one type of cloud service versus another?

Networks of the Future

What do software-defined networks and virtualized network functions mean for government agencies moving forward?

Modernizing Networks

Carriers and agencies are modernizing their networks to be ready for the requirements of the future.

Helping government agencies transform their networks

A new name has risen to help government agencies transform their networks.  CenturyLink.

There has been a 680% increase in cyber attacks on federal agencies in last six years. The bad guys are sophisticated and clever. Everyone is a target. Cybersecurity is not a technology problem. It’s a people problem. Information is key. Prevention is essential.

Assured Networking: Ciena’s Approach to Cybersecurity for the Government.
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Understanding the Cybersecurity Threat Infographic
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Federal agencies’ changing mission priorities require a shift in communication network architecture. But economic realities demand these network services in an environment of flat, or even shrinking budgets.  Learn how agencies can meet these transformation challenges while balancing budgets and crucial mission needs.

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